Scholarship Success : Celebrating the brightest minds..!

Congratulations to ASME members Rythin Varghese, Adarsh S Kumar, Rima Varghese, Abhijit Murali, and Anjaly Anil for their outstanding achievement in securing ASME Scholarships worth more than 11 lakhs! 🏆 Your dedication, hard work, and passion have paid off, and we are incredibly proud of your accomplishments.

We also celebrate ASME FISAT’s continuous success in securing record scholarships for consecutive years. 🌟 This remarkable feat showcases the excellence and commitment of our ASME chapter, highlighting our members’ exceptional abilities to excel in their fields.

Wishing Rythin, Adarsh, Rima, Abhijit, Anjaly, and the entire ASME FISAT team continued success in their academic and professional journeys. Keep reaching for the stars and inspiring others with your remarkable achievements. 👏 #ASME #ScholarshipWinners #ASMEFISAT #RecordSuccess